Spur & Stir
Brand Identity, Advertising 

In Alberta, our cowboy spirit runs strong throughout the summer. At Spur & Stir, we aim to keep it alive 
Corralling locals and world-wide tourists alike, we invite daring diners to experience a tantalising glimpse into the cowboy lifestyle—both in flavour and spirit.

Savour the thrill of western culture through an elevated dining experience where our food and drink menu embraces the spirit of fun and rebellion, infused with bold flavours, twists, and contemporary flair to achieve that sense of adventure. Kick up your boots, cowboy, you'll want to stay a while. 
Made in collaboration with Elora Kiddle

Illustrations & Assets
Spur & Stir’s branding uses illustrations of native flowers, mountain ranges, apparel and more to create a visually engaging brand identity that resonates with our audience. 
We maintain a balance between detailed and simpler illustrations to ensure versatility across various applications. Textures such as wood grain or rugged textures can are often used as background elements or accents to enhance our rustic charm.
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